Who Else Thinks Online Shopping Sucks?

When I ask this question, I mean clothes shopping. Luckily, Amazon has not let me down yet.

Everyday this week, fashion brands have been plauging me with emails announcing their mid-season sale. The fool that I am, I am easily sucked in by these emails and hours have been lost browsing the web. Every so often, I fill my basket with things to buy, and then I abandon it. Why? Because deep down, I know that online shopping is not as fun as it seems.

Does anybody actually enjoy online shopping? I mean, I do indulge from time to time, but I find it more stressful than it is worth. There has been more times than one when I make an order, only for it to be cancelled again due to stock issues. Or, there are times when I am browsing a site to see many beautiful items I want being advertised although they are not in stock (*ahem* Topshop *ahem*).

And what about those times where stores just send you something completely different to what you ordered. If this were to happen to me without free returns I would absolutely blow a fuse. However, the absolute worst is when you receive your order and find the most horrible, see-through, cheap fabric.

Give me walking around a busy high street on a Saturday anyday! Being able to instantly spot the good from the bad 100 metres away, and the joy of knowing the clothes fit after a quick jaunt to the dressing room, rather than a 5-day wait. And best of all, spending my hard-earned money and receiving my items instantly, going home with a content smile on my face. Long live old fashioned shopping!


KaDeWe Department Store, Berlin. Photo by Gerhard Kemme via FlickrCC


Blogging and I, We Had a Problem

My oh my, it has been a long time since I have posted here. For someone who was really dedicated to the cause of blogging, I spent an equal amount of time wondering why I couldn’t get my mojo back and begin tapping those keys again. But today it finally hit me. I wasn’t writing what I loved; I wasn’t writing from the heart. I was writing to try and kickstart a career as some kind of author and that led me to write posts that were popular in the blogging sphere (make up reviews. clothing hauls, etc.) but didn’t “feel like me”. I thought I was stressed from life’s usual trials and tribulations and I just needed a break to recharge. Actually, my subconscious had come to the realization before I did that I wasn’t enjoying writing becuase I wasn’t writing what I loved anymore.

Now I have another deliberation. What do I do with this blog? Read any authoritive piece on blogging and they will tell you your blog needs a niche. Can my niche be rambling about whatever comes to my head? Of should I pick just one topic I am passionate about? Who knows – I certainly don’t write now. So, bare with me. I know that Joyful Antidotes needs a makeover, I just don’t know if it will be 90s grunge or 50s chic.

6 Things To Do This Autumn/Winter

Some people have begun slowly retreating themselves inside, like reverse vampires, now that autumn is here and winter is fast approaching. While you won’t find me running around outside in -5 weather, you also won’t see me spending my time moaning until Spring arrives. Autumn/Winter can be good for you too if you let it. Here are 6 things you can do to perk yourself up!

Rehaul your wardrobe. Throw out anything you haven’t worn in a couple of months and use the space to build the wardrobe you want. A new season is always the best time to give yourself the makeover you’ve been thinking about for ages.

Take advantage of the dark nights. No doubt Netflix will feature high on your agenda but also put some time aside to read the books you always wanted to, learn a new language or take up a new hobby.

Enjoy nature. The sun always draws us outside but autumn and winter have a lot to offer too. You are never too old to crunch in the fallen leaves or build a snowman. Take some Instagram snaps to document the changing seasons – send them to your friends so they can also appreciate the beauty.

Berlin in Autumn

Berlin in Autumn

Crunch leaves. This is something I will never grow out of. This and snow, which also makes an appearance this time of year. Although, it has been very warm for November, do you agree?

Make someone smile. Christmas is the season of goodwill, so why not spread some of your own. There are some people who do not enjoy the season for personal reasons. Make someone smile this year. No doubt even a simple gesture will be appreciated and believe me, it will bring you much more satisfaction than any present can.

Get yourself that gym membership. Most of you will have this in mind as a New Year’s Resolution, but there is no time like the present. The gym is dry and warm and you will look rocking by the time the sun shows it rays again.

Dealing With A Delayed Or Cancelled Flight: Tips For the Airlines

Last weekend, I travelled to London and was nearly stuck there due to the mass of fog which overtook the city. Naturally, my flight was massively delayed, but luckily mine was one of very few flights that wasn’t cancelled. These things happen and the finger of blame could not be pointed anywhere except for at Mother Nature herself. However, they were some areas which could have been improved to make the experience much more comfortable for passengers. Take note airlines!

Inform passengers of a delay as soon as possible

I was aware the minute I entered the airport that my flight was delayed. However, there were many flights where passengers were not informed of any problem until their flight was eventually cancelled. In my eyes, this is not good customer service.

Make announcements as clearly as possible

Further information about the status of my flight was not clealy given. It was more a matter of who you could eavesdrop on to find out what was happening. Also, remember that you are speaking to a large crowd. Make sure everybody can hear you and all passengers are together in the same spot before announcing anything.

Have your best staff dealing with the situation

Naturally people will become agitated when a flight is massively delayed, which of course can also result in staff becoming irritated. However, staff should be trained to deal with situations like this. Anybody sent to deal with customers should be professional and polite – in no case should they walk away from questions and avoid any sort of eye contact.

Create a smooth transition if alternative arrangements are available

My flight was transferred to another airport, but it was not a smooth process. Once we arrived at our new destination, nobody was at hand to assist passengers in going through security or boarding the plane. The information provided was very vague and resulted in confused and distressed passengers, especially elder passengers and those travelling with children. Clear and helpful instructions would have cut the delay time.

I guess the main message here is that the customer is the main priority. While airlines can claim that weather situations are out of their hands (and of course they are), it is the manner they take with passengers which is the determining factor when it comes to further use of their services.

Have you ever experienced a massive delay or cancellation when travelling? What advice would you give to airlines?

(Header image: Simone Ramella via FlickrCC. This post is not based on events which occured with the airline pictured here)

What I’ve Been Eating in October

I have become so bad at taking photos lately. Usually my phone is full with outfit and food shots, but this time round, I just had enough to fill this post. The thing is, these are not the most healthiest of foods, so look away now if you don’t want to be tempted.

The cold weather is certainly here, meaning soup has now become my go to lunch. While I don’t have any snaps of the soup, I did manage to capture the white soda bread I prepared to accompany it. There is nothing like a “slice” of home!

White Soda Bread

White Soda Bread

White bread has been featuring in my diet more than it should be lately. I try to top it with avocado as often as possible to “even things out”.

Avocado on toast

Avocado on toast

Again, another dish where I tried to counteract healthy with bad. There are the Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage rolls I mentioned in a past post. The low fat oven chips and broccoli made me feel less guilty.

Vegetarian sausage rolls, low fat oven chips and brocolli

Vegetarian sausage rolls, low fat oven chips and brocolli

What didn’t make me feel guilty but should have are these buttermilk pancakes with salted caramel sauce. This was my first time trying American style pancakes, but certainly won’t be my last. My Berlin neighbours can find these at Geist im Glas.

Buttermilk pancakes from Geist in Glas

Buttermilk pancakes from Geist in Glas

The final picture is one of my all time favourite comfort dinners. It consists of fried potato, bell pepper and onion – always satisfying after a hard day!

Fried potato, bell pepper and onion

Fried potato, bell pepper and onion

Collective Autumn Haul

It feels like such a long time since I published anything here. I have been so busy, which of course meant that the time has gone nowhere, and I have found myself more tired than usual. While relaxing has been nice, I missed Joyful Antidotes and have made a vow to myself to get back into my regular posting schedule. I am going to start things nice and easy with a collective haul, a favourite post of everyone.


Gryffindor Tracksuit Pants - €13

Gryffindor Tracksuit Pants – €13

Black Cardigan - €16

Black Cardigan – €16


Black Faux Suede and Leather Skirt

Black Faux Suede and Leather Skirt

White Lace Long-sleeve Top - €7

White Lace Long-sleeve Top – €7

Check Skater Dress - €20

Check Skater Dress – €20


Floral Skater Dress - €5.99

Floral Skater Dress – €5.99


Floral 70s Style Dress - €34

Floral 70s Style Dress – €34


Tie Dye T-Shirt - €14

Tie Dye T-Shirt – €14

Pull and Bear

Orange Cord Skirt - €15.99

Orange Cord Skirt – €15.99

Burgundy Knit Jumper - €35.99

Burgundy Knit Jumper – €35.99

Burgundy Tracksuit Pants - €15.99

Burgundy Tracksuit Pants – €15.99


Beanie Hats - €2 each

Beanie Hats – €2 each